Launch of Nvidia Blackwell: accelerating artificial intelligence with a new GPU

nvidia blackwell gpu

Nvidia presents its new AI platform: the Blackwell

Nvidia is revolutionizing the artificial intelligence industry with its latest product, the Blackwell. The successor to the very popular H100 chips used by most AI companies to train large language models, the Nvidia Blackwell promises unrivalled performance in this field. This new GPU could further strengthen Nvidia’s leading position in the AI market.

Tribute to David Blackwell

To name this new generation of GPUs, Nvidia has chosen Blackwell, a tribute to David Blackwell, the first African-American member of the National Academy of Sciences. The legacy of this iconic figure is now associated with the NVIDIA B200 GPU, designed to deliver impressive performance in artificial intelligence, particularly generative intelligence.

Up to 20,000 TFLOPS

The Blackwell offers phenomenal computing power, with a capacity of up to 20,000 TFLOPS (teraflops), far surpassing the performance of the H100 Hopper it replaces. The cutting-edge technology behind this GPU will enable information to be processed at previously unattainable speeds, opening the door to new possibilities and applications for artificial intelligence.

Major benefits for the AI market

Nvidia has grasped the growing public importance of artificial intelligence, and with the creation of the Blackwell, we can expect AI adoption to accelerate even further. The arrival of this new GPU will have a significant impact on several sectors:

  • Innovation in language models: ChatGPT, already running on H100 chips, will be optimized for speed and efficiency thanks to Blackwell technology.
  • New horizons for video games: With the use of generative AI, it is now possible to create non-player characters that are more realistic and adapted to natural interactions between players, making games more immersive.
  • Enhanced training simulators: Using Blackwell, companies can create more sophisticated, immersive simulations for professional learning.
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NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE)

One of the most striking examples of this new platform is the NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE). It’s a revolutionary suite of technologies using generative AI to bring non-player characters to life in video games. Thanks to this technology, natural language interactions will be more fluid and realistic.

An even brighter future for artificial intelligence

With the launch of the Nvidia Blackwell, it’s clear that the future of artificial intelligence looks even brighter. The GPU’s enhanced ability to execute complex algorithms at breakneck speed will accelerate the development and adoption of AI in a variety of fields.

This is just the beginning for the Blackwell: we can expect that as the platform evolves, new innovations will also emerge, creating an exponential growth cycle for artificial intelligence and its many possible applications.